Gram Flour Pancakes with Goat Cheese

These savory pancakes are slightly crispy on the outside but moist on the inside. This combination of gram flour, salty goat cheese and bell peppers, just works.




  1. Gram Flour – 2 Tbsp
  2. Egg – 1(Optional)
  3. 30 ml water
  4. Salt, Pepper – To taste
  5. Paprika – 1/2 Tsp
  6. Oil – 2 Tsp
  7. Chopped coriander – 1 Tsp
  8. Green Bell Pepper/Capsicum – 1/2


  1. In a bowl, add gram flour, salt, pepper, paprika, chopped coriander and mix(dry ingredients). Crack an egg in another bowl, add 30 ml of water and whisk well(wet ingredients). Note: The egg here is optional, add 50 ml of water and 1/4 Tsp of baking soda, if you are not using the egg.
  2. Add the wet into the dry ingredients and mix until a smooth thick batter is formed without any lumps.
  3. On a pan(medium heat), add 1 tsp oil and saute the bell peppers/capsicum until they turn soft and set them aside.
  4. Add 1 tsp oil on the pan and spread evenly. Now, carefully add the batter using a ½ cup measure on the pan. Cook on a medium heat until the bottom is brown and flip. Cook the other side for about a minute.
  5. Once the pancakes are cooked, take them out onto a plate. Add the sauteed bell peppers/capsicum and crumble the goat cheese on top. Drizzle your favorite sauce on top and enjoy!

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