A Day in Brussels

I first visited Belgium sometime in October 2016 and it was one special trip. Belgium is famous for its decadent gourmet chocolates, waffles, French Fries called Frites, Mussels, Tin-tin and of course BEER! There are more than 1150 different brewed Belgian beers! From strong dark ale to fruit beer. Yes! They have it all !!

Belgium’s capital city, Brussels has a lot to offer for tourists. There are various Museums, Cathedrals, Old Square Markets, Medieval palaces, beautiful green gardens and so on.

In the central square of the city, you will find the “Grand Place”. It is the most visited place in the city. You will find a lot of tourists and locals in this area and it is usually pretty crowded. The square is surrounded by beautiful guildhalls and the detailing on them, are superb. Around the central square, you will find many restaurants and cafes that offer something for everyone’s palate including vegetarian and vegan. You can sit down on a bench and enjoy a lovely performance by a street performer while you sip away your fine Belgian beer.

When in belgium, please do not go home without tasting the world famous Belgian Waffles. There is street called “1€ Waffle Street” in Brussels.

waffles1As the name suggests, you get waffles starting from 1€. Do not be fooled, because you get only a plain waffle for 1€. This is truly a waffle paradise! There are various selections of toppings and sauces, ranging from berries, chocolate chips and colorful sprinkles, chocolate and caramel sauces to nutella. And yes, the price varies accordingly. These waffles are warm, chewy and very sweet! You will surely get a sugar rush after eating one of these.


Just around the corner of the “1€ Waffle Street” is the famous “Mannekin Pis”. When you see it, you may wonder as to what the fuss is all about. It’s a just sculpture of a little naked boy, oh well, taking a piss! You will find yourself getting squished in the crowd.

One of my favorite parts of the Brussels tour was eating gourmet Belgian Chocolates. My husband’s friend recommended, that we try a place called Leonidas for a reasonable choice. You will find a lot of Leonidas outlets in Brussels. We tried the one near Grand Place. My jaw dropped when I entered the store. It’s a sensation that cannot be described. A treat to the eyes and nose as you get overwhelmed by the chocolate aroma. There was chocolate everywhere and the range was extensive.

Varieties available at Leonidas

There was caramel, buttercream, nougat, ganache, praline, marzipan, liquor just to name a few. We bought around 6 pieces of different flavours, for less than 2.5 €.

Any Belgian trip isn’t complete without having Belgian frites with Mayo and a beer. You will find frites, all around the city for around 3€. It was almost evening and after walking around the city, seeing a lot of places, we decided to settle down and get some Belgian beer. We headed back to the area near Grand Place, where there were tons of restaurants. We read a sign board outside one of the pubs which offered beer tasting and we just hopped in. This was the best part of the entire day. It was a cozy little pub with chairs and tables arranged very close to each other. There was an option of 8 beers for 19€ and 6 for 14€. We went for 6 beers. The server got our beers in these wine glasses on a wooden plank with a tiny bowl of salty peanuts(don’t worry, you can get a refill). These glasses were full, which meant more than just tasting. 🙂

beer tasting

There was a strawberry beer which tasted more like wine and less like beer. Nevertheless, it was awesome! 🙂 

strawberry beer
Strawberry Beer

I loved this city so much that I visited again with my parents and gave them a taste of these fantastic things, the city had to offer.

So, when are you booking your ticket to Brussels??

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