The Best Pizza in Milano

In the land of Pizza, Italy, you will never run out of pizzerias. This crunchy, doughy, cheesy baked fast food, is one of the most popular foods around the globe.

When I visited the fashion capital of Italy, Milan, I was told this place is not only famous for its Fashion week but also for a place that serves one of the best thick crust pizzas. SPONTINI, situated just around the corner of the magnificent Duomo, is a tiny pizzeria which is crowded most of the time. This place was first open in 1953. Spontini was one of the first places to sell pizzas by the slice. For 3€, you can get a thick slice of Pizza and the best way to eat this pie, is with a fork.

The menu is fairly simple. They have SPONTINI 1, 2 and 3 which is a Margherita Pizza slice with mineral water, pepsi and beer respectively. The other two are Mediterranea(Topped with salty anchovies and capers) and Prosciutto pizza.


I ordered the basic Margherita with Pepsi. They have a crazy contraption that easily cuts the whole pizza into many slices at once, in seconds. The server removes individual slices, places them on the plate and cuts it further into smaller chunks. Within a couples of minutes you are served.

spontini pizza.JPG
Pizza Margherita

They also serve lasagna and Tiramisu. I tried the Tiramisu. It was creamy, soft and not overly sweet.

If you do get a spot to eat inside, then you are lucky. But hey, eat your pizza quickly and get out because the place gets really crowded. Do not worry when there is a long queue because the service is quick. The staff are really sweet and they love to get to know you.

So, have you ever been to Spontini? If no, do not miss when in Milano.

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