The Amsterdam Cruise

This famous capital city of Netherlands is known for its beautifully maintained canal system, ‘n’ number of cycles, narrow buildings, the Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank House, Heineken beer, the Red Light District and last but not the least, weed.

One of the top things to do apart from having weed brownies, visiting museums, lazying around on the lush green grass at the parks would be to hop on a cruise. These days the most popular cruise available is the “Pizza Cruise”.

This cruise offers you a selection of 6 types of pizzas, two ice creams from Ben and Jerry’s for Dessert and unlimited Drinks. Yesss!! That’s right! Unlimited drinks which includes, beer, wine(red, white, rose) and soft drinks. All this comes for a price of around 42€ per person for 1.5 hours. You can either choose the afternoon at 3:00PM or the evening cruise at 7:30PM.

I went on this cruise with my parents and husband. We chose the evening cruise. It was a lovely, chilly evening in May. We arrived at the cruise entrance point, 30 minutes earlier to departure time. We were given a sheet and asked to choose our pizzas, ice cream and number them down. At 7:25PM a staff of 3, very courteously welcomed us on board with bright smiles. After everyone were seated, we were off. They get you, your choice of drink, along with olives and crunchy herb garlic rusks, where you can eat the olives off from a tiny Netherlands flag attached to a tooth pick. 🙂

Cruise, Croutons


Somewhere along the cruise, probably after 20 minutes, they stopped to get our pizzas. The size was not disappointing.

cruise pizza

As we dug into our hot, cheesy pizzas, we were given a tour of few attractions coupled with a live commentary. Almost after an hour and 15 minutes, we were close to the end of the cruise. We were so full eating our pizzas that we had leftovers and carried them back to our hotel. Overall, it was a good cruise with good pizzas and drinks. I would definitely recommend it.

So, when in Amsterdam, book your cruise, sit back and enjoy the tour while you sip away your drink and relax.


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