Banana Blueberry Oat Crumb Muffins

Crunchy, sugary crumb on top, chewy muffin with flavors of banana and blueberries that pop in your mouth with every single bite. These are my Banana Blueberry Oat Crumb Muffins.

I came up with this recipe and boy was I delighted with the way these turned out. When the husband silently polishes it off, without even realising what’s in it, you know for sure that it’s a hit !! This, hands down is one of the best muffins I have baked till date!


The muffin batter is made with mashed bananas, oat flour and whole wheat flour. The batter does not have any butter or oil. Because ripe bananas are pretty sweet, I added a little less sugar than usual. The sweet, crunchy crumble on top complements the muffin really well.

Oat flour is now easily available in grocery stores. If you don’t find it, you can just simply grind regular unsweetened instant oats to a fine powder. It works just as well. I was so thrilled to watch these muffins while they baked in the oven. They rose up so well and the smell of banana and vanilla filled the kitchen.


Gobble these down for breakfast or for your evening snack with a cup of tea or coffee. Make a large batch and store in air tight containers. They keep well in the refrigerator for 3 – 4 days.

Click on the video below to view. If you liked the recipe, do give it a try.

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Happy Baking !! 🙂


Total PREP TIME : 40 Mins

Prep PREP TIME : 10 Mins

Baking PREP TIME : 25 Mins

Yields 8 muffins


Muffin Batter:

  1. Bananas – 2
  2. Egg – 1
  3. Sugar – ¼ Cup
  4. Vanilla Extract – 1 Tsp
  5. Oat flour – 1 Cup
  6. Whole wheat flour – ½ Cup
  7. Baking Powder – 1 Tsp
  8. Baking Soda – ½ Tsp
  9. Blueberries – 125 grams


  1. Wholewheat flour – 2 Tbsp
  2. Instant oats – 2 Tbsp
  3. Cold butter – 3 Tsp
  4. Sugar – 1 Tbsp


Preheat the oven to 180°C. Line muffin tray with paper muffin cases.

Crumb Topping:

  1. Mix together wholewheat flour, instant oats and sugar.
  2. Add cold butter and using a fork mash the butter until the mixture resembles bread crumbs. Keep in the refrigerator.

Muffin Batter:

  1. In a bowl, mash bananas. Crack an egg, add sugar, vanilla and whisk well.
  2. Add oat flour, whole wheat flour, baking powder and soda. Gently fold with a spatula. Lastly fold in fresh blueberries. Your batter is now ready.
  3. Divide batter equally into muffin cases. Sprinkle crumbs on top. Bake for 25 minutes at 180°C.
  4. Let muffins cool in their tins for 5 minutes. Then remove them and place on a wire rack to cool completely.



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    1. Oh yes. They are super yum ! Thank you so much for stopping by. 🙂☺️


  1. dpranita583 says:

    I like to make banana muffins.

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    1. Thank you. Please do give it a try 👍🏼🙂


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