Welcome! Willkommen! Swagata!

I’m Lahari, currently living in the beautiful, calm city of Koblenz, Germany. I finally decided to write down and share my stories about the one thing that I love the most. FOOD !

I was born and raised in Bangalore, India and have lived there until I moved to Germany in 2016, post my wedding. With a bachelors degree in Engineering and Master in Business Administration, I have worked in both fields for a brief amount of time.

Ever since I was a kid, I had a lot of passion for food, but took a long time to realize it. I have fond memories of cooking along with my mom, from whom I learned and still continue to learn. I love watching cooking shows. Watching ‘Khanna Khazana’ by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor back in the day, every Sunday was something that I would eagerly wait for. I have always enjoyed cooking for my family. After my wedding, my folks were worried as to how I would manage to live and cook away from home in a different country. But, since I had an undying love for food, I cook for myself and my husband, whose motto is “A way through a man’s heart is through his tummy”… 🙂

I also love traveling and photography. I enjoy exploring new cities and what it has to offer in terms of … of course food !

So, come join me, as I share with you, my food and travel adventures with the inclusions of recipes and photographs, dishes cooked at home and also eaten during my travels.



Lahari 😊

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